Ujuwon Night A Tea 10s
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Ujuwon Night A Tea 10s

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    Ujuwon Night A Tea 10s
    【Contents】 100 grams (10g x 10 bags)
    【Ingredients】 Black goji berries, Red dates, Mulberry, Rose rugosa cv.Plena.
    【Function】 Every cup of Night A Tea is infused with a captivating selection of ingredients, providing you with a dual delight of flavor and nourishment.
    Jujube: This sweet and fragrant fruit is rich in vitamins and minerals, naturally sweetening and nourishing your tea.
    Mulberry: The fresh herbal aroma of mulberries harmonizes with the subtle tea notes, delivering a cup of serene and delightful tea.
    Black Goji Berry: This deep purple superfood is packed with antioxidants, offering robust protection for your body.
    Double Petal Red Rose: The rich aroma of red roses imparts a romantic quality to the tea, immersing you in the fragrance of flowers.
    Every sip of Night A Tea is a feast of aroma and nourishment, a cup of tea that will enchant your senses. Let this exquisite blend nurture your body, gratify your taste buds, and bring tranquility and comfort to your evenings.
    Savor a cup of Night A Tea and experience the perfect fusion of aroma and nourishment!
    【Storage】 Keep in a cool and dry place, sealed.
    【Shelf Life】 18 months

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