【GIFT】Ujuwon Beauty Hot Pot Soup with Collagen 30ml x 4pack x 2 packs
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【GIFT】Ujuwon Beauty Hot Pot Soup with Collagen 30ml x 4pack x 2 packs


Expired date of this product : 04/08/2024

Ujuwon Beauty Hot Pot Soup with Collagen 30ml x 4pack
【Contents】 120ml (30mlx4 packs)
【Main Function】 With a thick , rich & flavourful chicken soup enriched with collagen soup base .
You can now enjoy Japanese Beauty Hot Pot anytime at home.
satisfy your taste bud cravings while pampering your stomach with the savoury taste of pure Chicken Soup . It can be used not only as soup base , but also a great healthy seasoning for other dishes.
【Main Ingredients】 Water,white chicken broth, salt, soy sauce, sugar, collagen peptide, starch, wheat protein hydrolysate, yeast extract, brewed vinegar, garlic, bonito flakes, (contains wheat, gelatin, soy beans, fish, chickens and pork as part of raw materal)
【Method of Consumption】 Shake well before opening.
1.Prepare ingredients: Slice your favourite vegetables and carrots into small pirces.
2.Cut chicken breast into small chunks for easy consumption.
3.Pour Ujuwon Beauty Pot broth into the pot and add 600ml-1000ml of water.
4.Cover the pot with a lid and cook over heat until fully cooked.
5.The mouth-watering beauty hot pot is ready , Enjoy !
【Product Origin】 Japan
【Caution】 Opened pack must be used after opening.
Store in cool & dry area , avoid direct sunlight.

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