Ujuwon Morning C Tea 10s
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Ujuwon Morning C Tea 10s

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    Ujuwon Morning C Tea 10s
    【Contents】 100 grams (10g x 10 bags)
    【Ingredients】 Prickly pear, Rock sugar, Dried lemon, Fig, Freeze-dried lime.
    【Function】 In every cup of Morning C Tea, we've carefully selected a range of tantalizing ingredients to offer you a delightful blend of taste and nutrition.
    Prickly Pear: This astonishing fruit is rich in vitamin C and fiber, providing a refreshing taste and essential nutrients.
    Lemon Slices: The fresh scent and fruity tang of lemon Slices combine to create a pleasurable sweet and tangy sensation on your taste buds.
    Freeze-Dried Lime: Renowned for its intense tartness, freeze-dried lime adds a unique freshness to your tea.
    Fig: The sweetness of figs balances the bitterness of tea, delivering a delightful and satisfying flavor.
    Every sip of Morning C Tea is a wellness journey and a sip of pure delight. Let this remarkable combination nourish your body, tantalize your taste buds, and set the tone for a great day.
    Experience the perfect fusion of flavor and wellness with a cup of Morning C Tea!
    【Storage】 Keep in a cool and dry place, sealed.
    【Shelf Life】 18 months

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